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249 Empire blvd, Brooklyn NY  11225 
    project description:  gut rehab, sub surface storage tank removal, re purpose of 1920;s gas station to 4 stores.
    project size:   4,500 square feet of stores and 3,000 sf of parking

2004 Fulton St, Brooklyn 11233
    project description:  rebuilt warehouse current use food assistance program
1430/1428 Pitkin Ave, Brooklyn NY  11233
     project description:  rebuilt derelict mixed use buildings into 4 stores and 4 offices

2006 Fulton Street, Brooklyn 11233
      project description:  subsurface storage tank removal, removal of 4 ft concrete floor to align floor with grade.  current use retail/community use.

1438 Pitkin Ave, Brooklyn NY  11233
       project description:  removed UST.  Demolished building.  Awaiting approval for a new building.

1445 Pitkin Ave, Brooklyn NY  11233

     project description:  purchased property from bank.  

57 Wyona St,  Brooklyn NY  11207

     project description:  purchased property, evicted tenant, cleaning site.

2727 Fulton St, Brooklyn NY  11207

    project description:  purchased occupied  property from Wells Fargo Bank.  Property is occupied.